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Monday, 16 October 2017

Left To One's Own Devices

10 Tips for the New Year
Photo Courtesy of Cyberwise.org
There is so much information available in thousands of web sites that enable and empower us with knowledge not heretofore accessible. Technological advances in electronic devices as small as a wristwatch allow users to peer into information in the ether world, the good as well as the bad ones. We can stay connected with anyone around the world anywhere we go with a hand-held cellphone for the young ones, as well as the highly-mobile young professional, or for the stay at home worker, parent or retiree, via a personal computer in their own sweet abode. What can possibly go wrong when we enter the information highway?

Information we access in the virtual world have the tendency to influence our way of thinking; the knowledge gained about a country, person, thing, subject or idea can affect our attitude towards the reality around us. People assume the news they read in (as little as a few words or short sentences obtained from) social media sites as true. Only then that they find technology algorithm software can and has a way to massage messages in virtual reality to suit an agenda of whomever, unbeknownst to account holders or social media users.

With the real news now more astonishing than fiction -- in fact there is the suspicion real news sometimes is fiction -- propaganda can easily personate facts and one can pass as the other.  To make matters worse David Maxwell in the Small Wars Journal argues that a public uncritically reliant on "vast social networks" gets its opinions from the thundering herd.  They are now far too dependent on spoon fed memes to think for themselves allowing the Kremlin or anyone else to lead them by the nose with ease.

Our youth can form a resistance movement in the cyber realm, identify and expose our adversaries’ strategies and tactics, inform others, and influence current and future generations to think for themselves.

Hilarious Photos Show Exactly What Happens When Children ...
Photo Courtesy of Jist.news
There are a gazillion things that can go haywire when children (and adults, too, in the same manner) are left unsupervised. Then, again a thinking and smart child can also become adaptable to the surrounding environment, as you will notice in the below optic: children crossing river on way to school in the country of Nepal.

If You Think These Kids Are Having Fun, You're Very Wrong ...
Photo Courtesy of Amusingplanet.com

From the Book of Proverbs, Chapter 26

23Like a glazed finish on earthenware

are smooth lips and a wicked heart.*
24With their lips enemies pretend,
but inwardly they maintain deceit;
25When they speak graciously, do not trust them,g
for seven abominations* are in their hearts.
26Hatred can be concealed by pretense,
but malice will be revealed in the assembly.*

Our lives can really be confusing these times.  Advancements in technology (medical, engineering, communications, information, etc.) nowadays can be mind-boggling, for changes happen so rapidly. Beware the knowledge we take in, and receive.

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